The F1 2009 Wii Game Diary – Season 4 – Hungary

Ages ago now, I used to keep tabs on a career I had going on – the Wii game F1 2009 lacks anything remotely like the sophistication of modern titles, but it was pretty fun in its own right and allowed me to learn the circuits of various F1 tracks, both current and past. I recently decided to give it another shot, resuming season four of my career and reviving it at the point of the Hungarian Grand Prix, a venue I normally do pretty well at. It was clear I was rusty, but managed to park my Ferrari on pole, so I was pleased, not to mention hopeful of clawing back a fairly significant deficit in the championship.

The race itself though, highlighted that I have a looooooong way to go before I am back up to speed. I received two penalties (one of which I’ll own up to) for causing accidents and didn’t really nail the circuit at any point, winding up in, from memory, sixth, but losing yet more ground on the championship leaders. It was an action-packed race which on one level I enjoyed, but improvement will be needed if I am to somehow win the title from here.

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