Trump’s ‘Legacy’

It appears Trump actually wants his career to be defined by Obama. Trump’s far superior predecessor set about trying a diplomatic, positive approach to the world’s problems – no, not every idea was a workable one, but the effort and the endeavour to leave a better world was there. The Iran deal was one such effort. Was it perfect? No. Was it working? It appeared to be, whilst it was also buying time to secure a more permanent solution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. By withdrawing from the agreement Trump has damaged the credibility of the USA and actually played into the hands of hardliners in the Iranian establishment. Put very simply, Trump is an idiot, devoid of understanding of… well, pretty much anything and everything. He is also so determined to undo everything Obama achieved that in the end, aside from all the Russia controversy, sexism and bigotry, Trump will be remembered solely for trying to escape Obama’s shadow.

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