The Blogger Games – Week 2

Last time around Meerkovia… epically failed. It wasn’t just a defeat, it was a shattering blow to the nation. The media hounds sharpened their teeth. Sheep bleated ominously. Geese honked their battle cries. Meerkovia was in uproar.

Could our athletes do better in week two?


1. In Grade 6, I was the captain of which intramural team?
A) Floor Hockey
B) Basketball
C) Indoor Soccer

I will confess that I come into this with absolutely no clue. So, I will say A, given Paul’s oft-spoken-about love of hockey.

2. Which jersey number did I wear in my first year playing softball?
A) 8
B) 10
C) 13

A. Because I have no idea.

3. Which piece of sporting equipment do I not currently have in my bedroom?
A) Football
B) Lacrosse Ball
C) Tennis Ball

A again. Just because.

4. Which sport have I never attended in-person?
A) Rugby
B) Soccer
C) Football

Once again A.

5. At the first baseball game I ever went to, what did I eat?
A) Pizza
B) McDonald’s
C) Hotdog

It’s hard to imagine (for me at least) pizza at a baseball game, but I’ve answered every other question with A, so A.

6. Which hockey team’s jacket did I not own as a child?
A) Colorado Avalanche
B) Toronto Maple Leafs
C) Detroit Red Wings

You know what’s coming… A.

7. Which ball has never hit me in the face?
A) Soccer Ball
B) Basketball
C) Volleyball

To A, or not to A? A.

8. In university, I participated in this intramural sport…
A) Ultimate Frisbee
B) Badminton
C) Dodgeball

Actually, A, on the basis that Ultimate Frisbee sounds pretty awesome.

9. I tore ligaments in my fingers playing this sport…
A) Volleyball
B) Basketball
C) Football

A. I mean, ball gets whacked at you, fingers get hit, ouch time.

10. Which baseball player was on the cover of my favourite video game?
A) Derek Jeter
B) Albert Pujols
C) Manny Ramirez

I didn’t know any of these people, so A.

So, did I play sports? I kicked a football (soccer to Paul) around. Sometimes I did this because I had to (at school), sometimes because I wanted to. At school we had to play rugby and cricket; rugby wasn’t too bad, but cricket was incredibly dull back then and it’s still incredibly dull now! We also had to play tennis, which I lack the coordination to play with any actual hope of doing well.

On a more casual level, I’ve played pool a few times, and snooker, though I won’t claim to be particularly good at either sport. Now, if video games count as a sport… I’d probably be average, which is a step up in my world.

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