The Biggest Mistake

Yesterday Britain went to the polls to decide whether we should stay in the EU or leave. After campaigns that lasted what felt like forever, we went to polling stations and made our voices heard. This morning we awoke to the news we’ve voted to leave.

The vote itself was very close. Over 70% of the electorate turned out to vote and the final result was 52% to 48% in favour of going. Fine margins. It’s my view that as a nation we have made a colossal mistake, but time will be our judge.

With a lot of emotional arguments about sovereignty and immigration, there has not been enough focus on how this will affect our economy. We are relying on our leaders (who have not distinguished ourselves) to cut the chords that link us to the EU without doing serious harm. There are many connections we have to the EU and zero guarantee that we will be able to negotiate favourable terms for ourselves now we’re leaving. If you voted leave, remember that you voted for this uncertainty. We would not face it if you’d voted remain.

In short, this is a massive leap into the dark, one I believe that has been fuelled more by nationalism than by thinking of the consequences. I can only hope that it works out.

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