Great British Weather

Whilst the EU Referendum goes on, it is worth noting that there is something we desperately need from Europe, and have always needed, yet never seem to get – decent weather.

BritishWeather(it’s summertime folks… yes, really)

As a Briton rain in summer is something I’m used to, but this year it is pissing me off far more than usual, for two reasons:

  1. It is playing havoc with my hayfever, which has never been so bad.
  2. The erratic ‘hot, no cold, ok humid, nope, wet, ok hot, back to wet’ nature of the weather has given me a cold, or at least what feels like the beginnings of a cold, which is not useful when your hayfever is making you suffer anyway.

The weather needs to pick a course of action and stick to it.

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