The Archives of Sothis

Now, you may be thinking – archives of what now? I wouldn’t blame you for your confusion, so allow me to explain. Many, many years ago (we’re going back to 2003) I had a site called This was in itself a continuation of another site, a Geocities site (I can’t remember how Geocities URLs work, but I’ll try to find out and maybe bring up those files too). was, when compared to Meerkat Musings, quite amateurish (which isn’t to say that Meerkat Musings is a brilliant professional design). It was a collection of thoughts and ideas from a younger me (by about seventeen years!). It improved with time (albeit not much), but I thought it might be interesting to poke at some of the old content.

Reading it, I’m cringing. I’m not actually sure I can bring myself to reproduce that stuff here. If you want to take a look, check out this site, which will grant you a window into what I was doing back then.

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