Sunday Trash

The Mail on Sunday is an extension of The Daily Mail, a semi-tabloid, right-wing newspaper. It’s entirely possible to regard The Mail as The Fail, and they’ve failed again here. Their tacit support for the tacky Tories and their sexism is not a good look, but the writers and ‘journalists’ at The Fail do tend to have a system.

Angela Raynor is the Shadow Chancellor, and she has sparred with Boris Johnson on the occasions that Keir Starmer has been absent from the Commons. Because she is a woman who had the audacity to cross her legs (gasp, women sometimes need to get comfortable too), the Tories and their allies at The Fail have accused her of flirty, distracting behaviour, designed to trip up Johnson.

Now, Johnson is easily distracted. He left his previous wife whilst she was undergoing treatment for cancer, in order to marry a much younger woman a year later. If his wandering eyes and inability to be trustworthy render him easily distracted by the appearance of a woman’s legs, is he really the sort of character we can trust to focus on key issues? We already know he’s not actually a man of good character, so that’s a rhetorical question.

The rampant sexism within the Tory ranks (they have suggested there is a flirty tension between Rayner and Johnson, which suggests the Tories as a collective have forgotten what flirting is) is an attempt to play down the damage Rayner does to Johnson, every time they debate in the Commons. The notion that a woman might threaten the Etonian snob Johnson is intolerable, so the Conservatives have resorted to a trashy campaign, aided and abetted by their Fail lapdogs.

The sooner these ignorant pigs are gone, the better.

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