Morality – God’s Morality P2

Last week I added another entry to my series on morality. This week I’ve stumbled across a post that ties in quite nicely to this. Steven Colborne has written a post on God and how they both cause and punish sin. It’s an interesting read.

There will be those who disagree with the assessment that God controls absolutely every aspect of our lives (after all, free will is a crucial argument for why God permits so many bad and evil things to happen). It is nonetheless quite fascinating to read an argument that suggests God is effectively controlling everything, all the time – including us.

It shouldn’t be a stretch to believe an omnipotent, omnipresent being could do this. After all, omnipotent does mean ‘unlimited abilities’. Anything else is placing limits upon what God is capable of, and that means God is not omnipotent anymore. That would be a contradiction of what the major religions teach. Of course, it is impossible to decipher what God is or what God does. Am I being controlled right now to write these words, just as I have written other words that doubt God? In such circumstances, God would be forcing me to condemn myself – and this would act as further evidence of a dubious (by any human standard) sense of morality.

Mr Colborne concludes his post with the absolute sovereignty of God is both a wonderful and a frightening thing. I’d personally conclude that a being with so much power, who not only doesn’t use it to help prevent disasters, war and the rest of earth’s problems, but might even be actively using their power to force us to unknowingly condemn ourselves by their own standards, is highly questionable.

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