Right(ous) Fury

In the wake of Trump’s indictment for dodgy business dealings, his supporters have predictably lashed out. They claim to be interested in non-violent protests at this, but we’ve seen what happens when Trump’s mindless followers don’t get their way (Jan the 6th anyone?). There are dozens of examples of Trump supporters throwing temper tantrums, engaging in pathetic threats, violence, and even mailing crude explosives to people who’ve criticised their dear leader.

Hilariously, despite Trump’s recent calls for protest, a lot of his would-be supporters have backed away from protesting. Trump’s rally cries have been deemed vague, and some have even admitted that Trump is not infallible! Nonetheless, he retains a fiercely devoted base, and some of them would do anything asked of them – or anything they think has been asked of them.

Vigilance is the word.

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