Rashford vs the Tories

Far be it for me to heap praise upon a Manchester United player, but let’s pause our regular thinking for a moment and thank Marcus Rashford for his efforts to ensure no child goes hungry. Earlier in the year the England International forced the government into a U-turn over free school meals during the summer holidays. Rashford has continued to campaign to end child hunger in the UK, and the 22 year-old has been a beacon in these challenging times.

Meanwhile the Tories continue to show their utter lack of compassion. As a party they voted extending the scheme to offer free school meals during the holidays, whilst recently MPs voted for a pay rise. The government has wasted huge sums of money on a broken Serco Track and Trace system, a system which is far more costly than the scheme Rashford is campaigning for, so the money is there – the Tories just don’t give a damn.

Then again, with this massive cockwomble in charge, is this a surprise?

The Tories are creating a generation of people who will never ever consider voting for them.

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