Processing the latest Weird Dreams

Timon7(where’s my subconscious at?)

Yesterday’s dream can be divided into two parts, both equally weird, but for very different reasons. I can’t actually recall what was part 1 and what was part 2, so part 1 will be about being lost.

wp-1457297184607.jpg(where was I?)

What makes this part of the dream particularly odd is that my mum had a dream last night about her son being lost. In my dream, I was wandering around a part of Essex I wasn’t familiar with, trying to figure out where I was so I could get home. I ended up at some kind of adventure land/theme park, involving fake snow that was actually freezing, and I remember seeking shelter in one of the buildings that along the side of a road, with a river running along the other side of the road.

Now, being lost in a dream might symbolise feeling lost in the waking world, only, I don’t feel lost, so I’m not sure what this dream means, though I wonder if it connects somehow with part 2, though I’m a little confused as to how.

Part 2 was a moment of bizarre calm in what would usually be a very fearful and worrisome situation. I was at the hospital, preparing for treatment for testicular cancer, of all things. I wasn’t afraid of the illness, but was instead concerned about how the treatment would make me feel – I was given two choices, chemotherapy or surgery. Both were guaranteed to completely cure me, but neither would feel particularly pleasant – I think I went for the chemotherapy in the end.

So what does it all mean? I am overly concerned with my health – I feel generally good, having more or less overcome a horrible head cold, and have no aches or pains that worry me. I don’t feel lost or directionless in life (I haven’t felt much more focused in fact), so where this dream came from is totally beyond me. Perhaps it was a reminder to pay attention to the most important things in life, namely my family and friends – nothing is more important than that.

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