I’m mad. I’m fuming. This is going to be an epic rant but a necessary one. It concerns the shambolic, deceitful hypocrites at the heart of this Tory government, and it concerns the opportunity the British public has at the upcoming local elections.

Both PM Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak have received fines for attending illegal gatherings during lockdowns. In other words, the police determined there was enough evidence that they (along with some 50 other people) broke the law. Johnson is now the first sitting PM in history to have been found to have broken the law. So, on top of pushing for the terrible idea of Brexit and then mishandling it, on top of a woeful handling of the covid pandemic, and on top of overseeing policies that have seen the cost of living spiral out of control, Johnson is confirmed to have broken his own government’s laws regarding lockdowns. Related to this, why are politicians receiving £50 fines when everyone else was getting fined hundreds or even thousands of pounds?!

Should he and Sunak resign? Yes, and not just for breaking the law, but because they (and numerous other Tory ministers and MPs) have mismanaged this country and plunged us into crisis after crisis. If any of them had any sense of decency or morality they’d step aside, but instead Johnson believes his ‘apology’ to be enough, and worse, many of his cronies are insisting this should be the end of the matter. It isn’t.

Johnson has always been a deceiver. He’s lost jobs because of his problem with honesty. He’s never been competent, but he has manipulated and lied to keep himself in positions of power. He and his enablers must be held to account. There are so many ways in which his Tory government has failed us, and enough is enough. It’s time to vote them out, starting by hammering them at the local elections. We need to make it clear that this kind of deliberate, calculated deception and hypocrisy will be punished.

Oh, and let’s not hear ‘we’re at war, we need him!’. The UK is not at war, and if we do end up at war, do we really want a PM who hides in a fridge as our leader? Do we want a party in government that’s up to their neck in Russian money?!

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