No Answers, No Progress

The hypocrisy from the petty peanut gallery continues. The author of Theology Archaeology has written up yet another lengthy-yet-misleading rant as to how everyone distorts his words. Yet again he has demonstrated no self-awareness, and no ability to reflect upon whether or not he could be at fault. Naturally, he won’t link to any of my posts discussing this latest round of our arguments, because for all his ‘be a man’ posturing, he is fearful to be transparent.

There is much meaningless waffle in his latest post, but as I have nothing to fear from it, you’ll notice I’ve linked to it. There are two paragraphs worth addressing:

We would use an example here but that person just does not let things go and continues to make posts attacking us, calling us liars and so forth all the while saying that they were perfect and did nothing wrong.

He does it constantly on other websites as well. it is one of the main reasons we refuse to talk to or engage him in a discussion. He says and does nothing constructive and labors the issue far beyond its normal end.

It is deeply ironic for David to decry I won’t let things go, whilst issuing further lies about me. Nowhere have I ever claimed to have done nothing wrong. In my email to him, I acknowledged I could have done certain things differently, but David glossed over this, as he has glossed over so many things. Has he apologised for calling me a moron and a joke in previous comments he left upon my site? Nope. In fact, he tried to defend his behaviour when I wrote my post on constructive criticism.

I have made it clear to him I would rather completely disengage from him, but he has made it clear he will not leave me alone, insisting he will use my site as an ‘example’. I don’t buy that for an instant. This is merely another lie on his part.

Since the start of 2023, 22% of David’s posts on Theology Archaeology reference me in some way shape or form, and nearly always in a derogatory manner, yet he has the nerve to suggest I am the one not letting things go, and that I am the one perpetuating all this. He has forgotten that I tried to block him, so as to have nothing more to do with him, but he took the time to circumvent that block, in order to continue to rant, goad, whine and bait.

He hasn’t stopped with his own site. Notice he said I am constantly on other sites, and he accuses me of similar behaviour on other sites? This is no doubt a reference to an entirely different set of discussions with different people, such as conversations with Citizen Tom (who David ran to in order to poison the well), and discussions I’ve had over at Insanity Bytes. It is David who has decided to drag other parties in, without providing them with any context, and without being transparent.

David wants to have his cake and eat it. He wants to be free to belittle me, lie about me, and insult me, without consequences. He hates it when I counter his claims, which is probably no small part of how doesn’t reference me by name. He hopes I won’t notice. I will always notice.

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