Newton Faulkner

Yesterday evening was one of those rare occasions where my wife and I got to go out as a couple and enjoy ‘date night’. To make things more fun, we got to venture into London! Being a geek I took advantage of this opportunity to snap some pics of beautiful London stations – and some of the more unusual architecture of the city. I also (for my sins) took a photo of West Ham United’s football stadium as the train whizzed Past. I can only apologise for that.

Not a great pic, but the former Olympic stadium is a reminder of that special occasion.

Top is King’s Cross, dating back to the mid 1800s and one of the most famous train stations in the world. It was restored to its former glory in… 2009 I believe. The exterior is classic Victorian engineering, whilst the interior is a cosmopolitan, modern building, fit for today’s workflow.

Bottom is St Pancras International, also restored quite recently. This building is gorgeous, screaming gothic Victorian design. St Pancras and King’s Cross are neighbours, both date back to roughly the same time, but the designers took two very different yet equally beautiful approaches. As a result, St Pancras is now a work of art both on the exterior and the interior, a wonderful sight for visitors arriving from Europe.

These places weren’t our final destination. My wife is not a rail geek like me and anyway, we had somewhere to be. A short walk down Euston Road took us to Euston station (similar in age and like the first two, a massive station), but Euston is not photogenic, having been rebuilt in the 50s (I think) and now being a bland concrete block. We went there purely to grab some food before heading back across the road and to St Pancras New Church.

You might be wondering, ‘what were you doing in a Church of all places, especially on Saturday night?’ The answer was to see this man:

Newton Faulkner isn’t a name that’s been on my radar but, on the strength of his performance last night, he will be from now on. I actually recognised a couple of songs, but many were alien to me – all were good. Newton was there to help promote unsigned artists and also help promote Record Day. He had genuine warmth and injected humour into his show – an entertainer as much as a singer. He also performed a rather peculiar tune about dog food tasters – yes, seriously.

All in all, it was a fun night on a warmish Spring day!

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