A Bit of Everything

There’s been a few things going on in the news lately which have grabbed my attention and reminded me of what we, as a society, need to highlight and challenge. I’ll start with something I saw on Twitter earlier today…


Ableism is sadly all too prevalent in society, even in 2018. It is aided by narrow-minded fools, such as this individual. It’s this sort of comment that drives unfair stereotypes about people with disabilities and I encourage any compassionate human being to oppose such a spiteful attitude, wherever it is found.

The Waffle House Shooting

Not for the first time (not even the first time this year), there have been more victims of a mass shooting in the USA. As usual, the staunch conservative right will offer thoughts and prayers and fail on meaningful action. The only positive from this is the bravery of James Shaw Jr, who wrestled the gun away from the shooter, saving lives, whilst going on to raise money for the families of the victims. Shaw doesn’t want to be regarded as a hero; his actions though, were certainly heroic.

Deadly Misogyny

Women have pointed out for years the deadly consequences of misogyny left unchecked. The Toronto van attack was carried out by a man who had praise for incel killer Elliot Rodger, championing the bizarre belief among incels that they are owed sex. There’s an entitlement complex at work here, one that Toronto suspect Alek Minassian bought into. It’s a mentality I’ve witnessed in other misogynistic groups as well. It is a poisonous ideology and it is costing people their lives. If you are an incel and you are reading this, stop for a moment to consider the attitudes and behaviour that led to this violent attack and others like it. Take responsibility for your behaviour and actions. Change your perspective. Don’t be like Rodgers or Minassian.

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