It is (covid) time

Shall I use this as my isolation suit?

I’m prepping a Meerkat Muse that will feature this, but let’s provide the news as it happens eh? On Friday my daughter complained of feeling unwell. She took a test and sure enough, she tested positive for covid. Initially the NHS app rather confusingly told me I had to isolate (even though I’m double-vaccinated and boosted), so on Saturday I didn’t go in, but talked to the manager, who clarified that I could, and since I was off on Sunday, she swapped my day off around. Great. No need for sick pay (which in the UK is woeful). However, being under the same roof as a snotty child means there are only so many places you can turn to in order to avoid her (not that I want to avoid my daughter!), and my wife began to feel under the weather on Saturday evening.

Come Sunday morning and after a disrupted night’s sleep, she tested, and she proved positive. I tested, and also tested positive. I have what feels like a cold, my wife has a cough and my daughter is very tired.

None of this ideal. I am supposed to be on a first aid course on Monday. Sick Pay in the UK might as well not exist. We’re all feeling poorly to some degree. Still, others have had it far worse. I consider myself lucky that, so far at least, I am ok.

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