Feeling Rough


I was going to make a video today (I still might), but right now, at this exact moment, I feel pretty darn awful. A colleague of mine came to work with a heavy cold and, as per the norm, this has spread. My nose is running, I feel foggy, and generally speaking I have little to no energy. Yay.

I understand why my colleague came to work. We work on commission so not coming to work equals a loss of income. Yes, there is sick pay, but that can’t compare to coming in and earning a wage. It’s therefore necessary to suffer, even if society should really be geared up in such a way that no one should need to come to work whilst ill – it doesn’t help recovery time and, by spreading illness to one’s colleagues, hurts the productivity of the entire workplace. Wouldn’t it be better to have a system that could sustain people for at least a few days whilst they recover?

The end result is that I am extremely thankful to have today off work. It’s allowing me a bit of chill time, which is sorely needed. I can recuperate, rest and relax – things a good day off from work should be all about anyway, but even more so when you’re sick. Right now I am still toying with making a video (a wonderfully nasal video), but I think I might just settle for coffee and comfort food. We’ll see.

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