The Slander against Same-Sex Relationships

Not for the first time, I have found myself crossing swords with the denizens of Blogging Theology, where in a surprising turn I have been permitted to post comments on what I would normally describe as an echo chamber-style site. I hadn’t bothered to visit the site for a while, but then, almost on a whim, I stumbled upon a post that made my blood boil with the sheer gall, dishonesty and obvious smear campaign it represented.

No one of any sound mind would ever suggest that same-sex relationships coming to be regarded as acceptable would somehow lead to the normalisation of paedophilia. Unfortunately, some of those who sit on the conservative, religious right, are not of sound mind, as simply making a post along such lines aptly demonstrates. It would seem that the actions of two consenting adults, actions that have zero impact upon the lives of people such as those at Blogging Theology, are nonetheless worthy of obsessing over and demonising simply because to be gay is to be against their values – and that alone is worthy of demonising.

There’s a lengthy discussion tree here, one which may yet continue to grow, so I would encourage readers to go and take a look – given my distrust of the authors of Blogging Theology, I have taken the liberty of archiving the post on several occasions as well, given past history.

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