False Accusations, P2

Recently, Silence of Mind declared me to be someone who edits the comments of others on my site. This is quite ironic, considering he deleted swathes of comments of mine from one of his own posts (granted, deleting is not the same as editing). His claims of editing carry no weight, and he has not backed them up, yet it seems others give credence to them, without any form of reservation whatsoever (see the comments on this post).

This greatly disappoints me. The party who will not hold SoM accountable for his dishonesty holds me to different standards. I am expected to prove my claims, but SoM is given a free pass to commit what would be considered libel in different circumstances. He made an allegation, yet refuses to justify it. He won’t retract it either.

Do I sometimes block people? Absolutely. Sometimes I deal with people who prove so unreasonable, I have no choice. This is the sad reality of dealing with anonymous trolls on the internet. On my site, I reserve the right to exercise my powers of moderation, to deal with said trolls. I try to give everyone opportunities to be reasonable, but my patience is not limitless. I will only tolerate so much, for so long. SoM exhausted my patience, and given Citizen Tom’s unwillingness to hold SoM to the same standards he holds me to, I dare say Tom has exhausted my patience too. Tom is aware I don’t edit comments (he has posted several comments to Meerkat Musings, without any form of restriction), yet he doesn’t even want to acknowledge this, and instead sides with someone unashamedly committing a character assassination.

If SoM wishes to return to commenting on my site, and has concerns around editing, I’m sure he is capable of taking a screen capture, or a photo of his comment, and he can archive sites via the Wayback Machine. I have no issue with any of that. As to his desire to have a discussion on neutral ground, there are plenty of sites where we can be judged by our peers on whether or not we are making honest, logical arguments. There’s Create Debate. We have Flip Side. How about Debate Hub? These third-party sites would offer no one any opportunity to edit or delete comments. If he wants to issue a challenge, he has his own site, and presumably knows how to link to posts of mine. I look forward to seeing if he can display the honesty and integrity that so far, he has sorely lacked.

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