False Accusations, P3

Following the double-standards employed by Citizen Tom, and the outright lies employed by Silence of Mind, a third party (a long-standing opponent of this site, and of Bruce Gerencser) weighed in. His claims are as dishonest as they come.

First off, thanks to Citizen Tom and Silence of the Mind for defending me in some of the comments. I appreciate it. Second, the owner of the MM website is tricky. As he stated in a comment above, he does not change the sentences and makes one a liar.

What he does is distort what a person who disagrees with him says. Yes, he will quote exactly what you said BUT then he will change what those sentences mean to fit what he wants them to mean. Not what was actually meant.

At that point is id fruitless to carry on a discussion. That is why most of my comments on the MM website read the way they do. it is a casting of pearls before swine because the owner of the MM website has no intention of interacting honestly or with an open mind.


The claims here are as outrageous as they are dishonest. In the majority of cases, I have linked to the posts I have quoted, so anyone can see for themselves whether or not context is maintained. There’s no changes of any sort, no attempt to conceal what the other party has said, nor the framework in which they have said it. This stands in contradiction to how the fundamentalist will strip away links to sources that directly contradict him (take for example, the numerous times I have linked information showing that abortion rates decrease when abortion is legal; those links and quotes curiously never make it to the fundie’s posts).

The fundamentalist is thoroughly aware of the occasions where he has lied (such as calling me transgender when I have never made such a claim, and the wilful, deliberate ignoring of facts relating to faith healing and medicine, as well as guns, among other things). He is well-aware that he is the one who strips comments of relevant information (I have not forgotten one of our very first conversations, relating to employment law and discrimination, where the fundie quietly removed facts from my comments that contradicted him).

I would prefer not to even respond to the fundie, but considering the blatant attacks on my character, I feel compelled to defend myself from these dishonest and misleading claims. I wonder if he will attempt to substantiate them, just as I wonder if Silence of Mind will verify his? I suspect I’ll be waiting for a long, long time.

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