Don’t Buy the Sun

I have a number of reasons to hold the Sun newspaper in contempt. Their treatment of Liverpool fans in the wake of the Hillsborough tragedy was beyond appalling, and the city collectively decided that they wouldn’t stock the paper from then on, with most outlets continuing to refuse to do so even now. In fact, Liverpool FC recently took the bold and brave step of saying they wouldn’t allow Sun journalists to cover England matches at Anfield – a decision that means Liverpool FC won’t get to host England matches, but the club has stuck to its guns. Liverpool’s other big club, Everton FC, took the decision to ban the paper after it published slurs about an Everton footballer, so the Sun has managed to completely alienate both the red and blue halves of the city (though to be fair, it did that with its reporting of Hillsborough).

The Sun has historically been homophobic, and gave a platform to the racist zenophobe Katie Hopkins. They have consistently proven themselves to be scum, and it’s extremely ironic that they now exploit the death of TV personality Caroline Flack, having used their platform to harass and troll her. They’ve taken the step of deleting several articles that trolled her, to cover their tracks, but the internet archives everything. I hope #dontbuythesun continues to trend on Twitter, and beyond.

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