Distortions and Deceptions

It seems some people have a pathological need to be dishonest, rude, and on occasion, nasty, all whilst claiming to uphold a higher standard. ‘Speak truth with love’. Well, some of these people most definitely don’t speak truth, and even if by some miracle they did, they don’t speak with love.

As an example, take a comment left on one of my Meerkat Muses:

You are wrong moron. May is the 5th month and June is the 6thmonth. We are halfway when June 30th hits you dipstick

I’ve left the spelling and grammar untouched. This is the comment left by a particularly spiteful evangelical, a fundamentalist that I have unfortunately crossed paths with many times before. Despite pretty much ignoring him of late, he felt the need to fire off that comment.

Was I incorrect? Yes, I was. We all make mistakes. I am not perfect, and don’t pretend to be. The manner in which this fundie decided to correct me… well, legend has it he was once a teacher. Is such a nasty approach befitting of a teacher, or of a supposedly good, pious Christian? There were a number of ways he could have advised me or informed me, but he went for the most aggressive possible method.

One of his latest posts made this particularly ironic, and distorting (heh) remark:

It is obvious that we do not have the full story in that quote or even on that website. What was quoted seems to manipulate people into coming to a desired result the author of that blog post wants to see.


There is so much hypocrisy here it is unreal. The post he is referring to provided a link to the full story, for anyone to read. The hypocrite failed to share that link. In fact, he may have deliberately removed it before quoting me. He cannot complain of alleged manipulation when he so readily and obviously indulges in such dishonest distortions of others’ words.

My preference would be for him to leave me alone. However, he seems determined to goad and insult and lie. There is only so much of that I will accept.

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