Arrested for Kissing

Originally posted on The Coalition of the Brave.

Ever wonder why Pride Month is a thing, and why it’s a protest as well as a celebration? Well, stuff like this is the reason. To quote from the link:

According to (Reddit user) @HungryTaco4, she and her girlfriend were playing mini golf at a moderately crowded outdoor place near Houston when they shared a kiss and immediately got criticized by a mother of a kid who told them they were disgusting for kissing in front of her kid and that they should be ashamed.

In response, @HungryTaco4 reportedly kissed her girlfriend again a minute later, right in front of the woman’s daughter, because they were apparently fed up with the homophobia. However, the woman called the police and had them arrested. The Reddit user mentioned that her girlfriend is black and shared their devastation at having to spend one night in jail.

In short, for the ‘crime’ of kissing, a lesbian couple were arrested. So, on top of being harassed for their victimless ‘crime’, they were then treated like criminals.

It goes without saying that if a heterosexual couple had been kissing, no one would have batted an eye. There is absolutely no difference between a heterosexual kiss and a homosexual kiss, save for what bigots might imagine in their heads to be ‘sexualised’. It’s their own, scared imaginations that are running riot here. They see two women kiss, automatically make erotic connotations in their heads, and assume what’s playing out is a full-blown sex scene in front of their kids. They sho

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