Bloganuary the First (on the 4th) – Advice

Bear with me here folks, I am a little behind on this. I’ve seen a number of people start ‘Bloganuary‘ and I figured I might as well join the party, showing up fashionably late. Mind you, is showing up four days late fashionable or just a horrible mistake?

Starting with the first prompt, what advice would you give to your teenage self, let’s see what we can say, and what we may discover about ourselves too…

I guess I’d try to steer my teenage self into not letting other people get under my skin, and in turn not letting that fuel poor judgement. I’m better at shrugging off what I consider to be unnecessary criticism and harsh, bullying attacks, and I like to think I don’t let that in turn power similar negative behaviour in myself. That is still in some ways a work in progress, but that’s the advice I would offer to younger self.

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