Bloganuary the 2nd – Road Trip

The second prompt in the Bloganuary series is ‘what is a road trip you would love to take‘, and I may struggle here, for I don’t cope well with long car journeys! If the prompt had been ‘trip’ rather than ‘road trip’, I’d have many answers, all of which would compete for my attention, for I know of a number of train rides I’d love to take, but road trip?!

Well, for starters I don’t drive, but we’ll shelve that and look at hypotheticals. I would love to explore a particular part of Scotland, near the border with England, where my family has a lot of fascinating history. Kirk Yetholm is where the Faa gypsies once lived, roamed, fought and loved. They are part of my ancestry, and they have a legacy I’d love to explore in detail. Not too far away from here is the town of Berwick, which happens to be my surname (there is no connection between the town and myself, as cool as that would be), and a… pilgrimage of sorts, from Berwick to Kirk Yetholm, perhaps stopping off at some of the sites my ancestors lived, would make for a terrific and very personal form of road trip.

Beyond such a venture, I’d like to visit various Formula 1 circuits, and a trip across Europe to see some of the more historical venues (Spa, Monza, Imola, to name a few) would be great fun.

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