Bloganuary the 23rd – Interviews

Interview a fictional character.

Interesting notion. There are many fascinating characters out there who would be worthy of a conversation. Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Darth Vader. Thanos. The Joker. Yes, I’m aware that with one exception, I’m thinking of traditional sci-fi and fantasy villains. Maybe that’s because the best villains stop and make you think. Imagine sitting down with the Joker and asking him – any version of him – about his relationship with Batman. Imagine talking to Thanos about his mission to wipe out half of all life, because he genuinely believes he’s doing the universe a favour.

I think I’d pick the Joker. I’d ask him why he thrives on chaos and why he seems so determined to win Batman’s… approval? Validation? I don’t know exactly what I’d ask him, I guess that would depend on the flow of the conversation. A glimpse inside the mind of a madman… what would we find?

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