Bloganuary the 24th – Dreams

Oh boy. This one feels made for me.

Write about a dream you remember.

I have had a dream where these guys (the Borg from Star Trek) were hunting me. I’ve had a couple of dreams involving zombies, one that featured creepy marionettes in a factory coming to life, a number of dreams about going to work (including turning up to work naked), and various other weird nocturnal adventures. Last night I dreamt that a friend and I were going to launch our own, um, ‘burlesque club’. We had ideas for how to undercut our rivals and become a profitable business. A lot of the food we sold involved eggs, for no obvious reason. Oh, as a precursor to ‘that’ dream I dreamt about waiting in line at a bakery to grab a sandwich whilst on lunch at work.

My subconscious doesn’t do things in a particularly straightforward fashion. Can you tell?

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