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Right, so what is this site all about? It’s basically a place where all of my disparate thoughts and notions come together, and thus you can expect a wide range of different ideas on here.

I offer this place up as my little corner of the world wide web, to say what I want, when I want. I don’t pretend to post anything that isn’t my opinion, and I fully expect people to disagree with what I have to say. By all means, get in touch to present your criticisms and I’ll happily entertain them, but be warned – I reserve the right to post any unsolicited emails to my site! I also make no promises about removing real names from correspondence either – email me at your own risk. It goes without saying that if you send me hate mail, you’ll end up named and shamed on here.

Now for a little bit about me. My name is Ben, I live in the UK, I work in retail, and I am happily married with a beautiful wife and a wonderful young daughter. I have a wide range of interests from science fiction (such as Star Trek and Star Wars) to historical dramas like Spartacus, and lets not forget the sporting interests – specifically football and Formula 1 motor racing.

I have a keen interest in politics and can get quite passionate about it. I also love Disney films, especially The Lion King – hence the Timon reference!

Disclaimer: The copyrighted material that may appear on this site from Star Trek, Star Wars and other franchise is owned by Paramount, Lucasfilm/Disney and whomever the relevant owners might be. I use this material under fair use terms and do not make any profit from their use.

You can email me at

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