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Never Trump

We are inching closer to a milestone moment in US politics and therefore global affairs. The looming Presidential Election will see a woman contest the vote for the first time (Hilary Clinton) and she will square off against business tycoon and Republican nominee Donald Trump. I look across the Pond at my American cousins and… Read more

Thanks Obama

If you’re one of my American friends or followers, you might be interested to see some details on how President Obama has shaped your country over the course of his two terms. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you won’t find this data on pro-GOP sites.

Left-wing Republicans?

(wait, what?) Not for the first time, earlier today I read of the idea that the Republican party of the US (traditionally the right-wing, conservative party in their political system) is actually more ‘lefty’ than it is right-wing (and this was intended very much as a slur against the GOP). Is there actually any truth… Read more

Are we about to be Trumped?

(guess who’s winning!) Another round of pre-election elections (also known as Primaries, I think, US politics is just plain weird) has come and gone, and the force that unifies both sides in the campaign – Donald Trump – has taken yet another huge stride toward becoming the Republican party candidate for the Presidential election later… Read more

US Politics

Lately US politics is dominating the airwaves. This isn’t exactly a surprise, but it’s only going to get worse, especially as the election campaign over there gets into full swing and becomes the sole focus of even British media. Quite why we’ll ignore our own problems to focus on what’s happening thousands of miles away… Read more

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