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Refuting Some SDNET Myths

I have recently come embroiled in war of words with a Facebook page that I will not name, and I have come to realise that I have been suckered in by their confrontational attitude. I have no desire for this page to be a platform for such a tit-for-tat display, so I have amended it to reflect that, and I am heeding that classic saying, ‘don’t feed the troll’.
What I will say, in order to address not only this Facebook page but other detractors of and its members, is this: Instead of relying on hearsay, actually try out the site and its forums for yourself. It is not a site for the timid, and gets pretty passionate at times, but one of the chief aspects of the site which is so appealing is the honest nature of the discussions to be had. Whilst this can mean that the site is open to accusations of being rude and insulting, what is more important? Honesty or politeness?
I’m not saying that manners and good standards of behaviour are bad things- far from it. Personally speaking, if I ran my own forum, I would see no reason not to expect both. That said, I know which one is a more important judge of character and a better standard for discussion.
I will finish by saying that the best way to judge and the forums is to join them. You may decide you don’t like the style and tone. Alternatively, you might love it and decide to stay!

6 thoughts on “Refuting Some SDNET Myths

      1. J

        Yep. Looking at your older posts about, you’re just trying to defend a heavily biased site that died out when Disney took over canon

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