The Doc is Back

So the mysterious Time Lord known as The Doctor has returned to our screens after what has felt like an age. Capaldi’s first full appearance treated us to the usual post-regeneration fare of a confused and disorientated Doctor trying to remember who he is, whilst Clara tries to adapt to this radically changed man (especially… Read more

Send in the Guardians!

I have rarely enjoyed a film as much as I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy tonight. From the funny little dance we get from Quill at the start of the film, to his funky moves at the end, this film keeps things refreshingly light and yet also manages to offer up real heart. You warm… Read more

The Ice Bucket Challenge

So, earlier today I took the Ice Bucket Challenge for the MacMillan Cancer Support charity. Some of you have probably seen the challenges and videos going around the web in respect of the ALS charity (a worthy cause to be sure), but for me, MacMillan is the cause I want to support. I hope that… Read more

The 100

So, this show is now several episodes in and so far, despite my initial fears it would be some sort of tween-style show with a sci-fi dressing, it has proven its worth. It asks some interesting questions of what it means to be human, and how far people will go to both survive, and protect… Read more

Worthy Causes…

First of all, I would like to raise awareness for this brave little girl, and if you are in a position to help her, please please please do so. Secondly, I would like to nominate myself for the Ice Bucket Challenge – so watch this space for the video!  

Site Statistics

So, my site has been up and running for a couple of weeks now, and so it’s time to look at the breakdown. As of the time of this post, has contributed the greatest number of views to my site (with 13), Big Footy is close behind with 11 referrals, Starfleet Jedi is in… Read more

Some Welcome Feedback

I recently advertised (for lack of a better word) my site on the forums at StarfleetJedi, and I would like to thank Mike DiCenso for his feedback thus far on my ‘versus’ pages. I hope to address his feedback at some stage in the not-so-distant future. It’s always nice to hear from people about how… Read more

Thieving Little…

So there I am, thinking to myself as the working day slowly draws to a close, that the day has gone well, that the store will be tidy and that everything is upstraight. I could not have been more wrong. Having been rocked by the news that a thoroughly nice man I knew had died,… Read more

Sad News

This morning I received a tearful phone call from the wife of a man I knew, via work, for the past five years, informing me that this gentleman had passed away. I was stunned, and saddened, to learn of his passing. I can’t claim to have known him thoroughly, as I knew him mostly via… Read more