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F1 News: McLaren seek Progress, and is Hamilton untouchable?

F1 News: McLaren seek Progress, and is Hamilton untouchable?

Fernando Alonso on track.(Fernando Alonso is hoping for progress in time for Spain)

So far it’s pretty fair to say that McLaren have had a woeful season. I ambitiously predicted that drivers Alonso and Button would finish 8th and 9th respectively in the driver’s championship, but for that to happen the team need to step things up a notch pretty quickly – and they seem to believe they can bring significant upgrades to Barcelona in time for the Spanish Grand Prix.

They certainly need to – no points from the first four races – and with Button not even starting last time out due to car issues in Bahrain – has been one of the worst starts to a season McLaren have ever had – hardly befitting of a team known for competing at the front of the field most of the time.

There’s been talk of what Alonso must be thinking, watching his old team Ferrari looking pretty sharp so far. Of course, every decision is easier with hindsight, and Alonso isn’t about to publicly say he made a mistake. What he is saying is that the team is motivated to do everything they can to get back to the top, and of that I am sure.

Hamilton Impervious to Pressure?

In Bahrain Hamilton was under little threat once again from the people behind him – he kept Rosberg at bay pretty comfortably through the race, despite much being made of a more aggressive Rosberg, prepared to be a bit punchier when dueling with Vettel. It’s now four races out of four where Hamilton has kept his teammate at arm’s length, never really looking troubled, and Rosberg needs to start turning the tables pretty soon. He is already more than a race win’s-worth of points behind Hamilton, who must be delighted with the way the season has gone so far (Malaysia notwithstanding, where things didn’t quite pan out the way he – or his team – would have liked).

LewisHamilton(Hamilton has been pretty relaxed so far this season)

It seems to me that Lewis Hamilton is the only person capable of unhinging his own chances this year. He has been driving like a champion, and unless he makes a serious error that lets Rosberg back into the fight, he is only going to get further ahead.

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