Month: October 2016

Film Reviews: Sausage Party

Ok, where do I even begin with this one?! Sausage Party (I had to be very careful googling that to get the movie poster) is an animated adventure film, set in a supermarket, that deals with one sausage’s realisation that the promised land beyond the doors is in fact one great big lie. It’s also… Read more

The Greatest Ludus Chapter Nine

A warning for the readers – this is where the content – which was rated 18 anyway – gets even more 18+. You’ve been warned!   “Mmmm, my husband, you are excelling today…” Etruscilla shivered from lust. She straddled Nepos’ lips, indulging in playful, teasing flicks of his tongue, right in her most sensitive regions…. Read more

The Greatest Ludus Chapter Eight

The Tiger and the Butcher faced each other on the sands. Sigivald was nursing a couple of wounds- his chest had been sliced into on the left side of his ribcage, and there was a small cut above his right knee. His right cheek was bruised but not too badly. The one injury that troubled… Read more

The Greatest Ludus Chapter Seven

As Praxites made his way from the arena the audience cheered. They had enjoyed the bloody spectacle of his execution of five thieves, and they eagerly awaited the next fight. As the guards dragged the bodies from the arena, Nepos raised his hands to request silence. “Now good citizens of Rome, we welcome, all the… Read more

The Greatest Ludus Chapter Six

Five against one. Well, four against one, as Numerius was bleeding out slowly from several wounds, and struggling to remain on his feet, let alone fight. Praxites faced Appius, a young man, actually slightly taller than Praxites and not of unreasonable build, but hardly a gladiator, either in body or mind. The thief’s eyes held… Read more


I’ve not been bothering to respond to the stuff over at Theology Archaeology lately, partly because he’s had little of interest to respond to, and partly because it’s pretty clear that reasoning with him is nigh impossible. However, he’s posted something recently that I felt might be worthy of replying to, entitled ‘What is a… Read more

Anti-Vaxxers and Little Minds

By now you’re probably aware that I’m a meerkat of science. Facts and theories backed up with evidence are sexy. Ahem. Now, there is a good deal of evidence out there to support the effectiveness of vaccination. Prior to the development of vaccines, we were as a species ravaged by diseases such as tuberculosis, smallpox… Read more