Month: September 2016

Shared from The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise

**TW: Sexual assault and rape** Audrie & Daisy is an amazing Netflix documentary that follows, in particular, two teenagers who were sexually assaulted and raped (among other brave young women who also shared their stories). If you haven’t watched the documentary, you need to do so immediately. It’s similar to The Hunting Ground, and perhaps […]… Read more

Title Contenders? 

(Adam Lallana gets Liverpool off the mark in their 5-1 thrashing of Hull City) I pose the question – could Liverpool end up being title contenders this season? Or is this a step too far for a team which is still under construction, so to speak? There’s little question that, trip to Burnley aside, Liverpool… Read more

Game Reviews: Spore

I was excited by Spore. When this game was revealed, it suggested a rich, immersive experience that would involve developing a species from the ground up – shaping their evolution from the microbial stage, right through to the emergence of intelligence and through to space-faring civilisations. Unfortunately, the game didn’t live up to the hype,… Read more

Dog Owners, Clean Up!

(please note: this is not aimed at everyone who owns a dog. Most dog owners are responsible people who clean up after their pets) There have been two incidents in my recent past that have left me feeling revolted and annoyed – and they both concern dogs and their ‘business’. The first took place walking… Read more

The Reality of Life for Genuine Refugees I think it’s already becoming clear that the above site is going to be one of my favourites. This article rams home perfectly the situation facing refugees, and it’s a reminder as to why we cannot turn our backs on them, lest we create the very thing we claim to oppose.