Month: August 2016

Ebay and Reckless Thinking

Earlier on this evening I nearly – nearly – won a Wii U on Ebay. I’m actually grateful in many ways that I didn’t. Yes, I would like to continue the tradition of possessing every Nintendo home console, but upon reflection, the Wii U doesn’t offer that much more than the Wii. Yes, Super Mario… Read more

This is the Pits

Somehow, whilst sitting in the sun yesterday, I’ve managed to end up with a sore armpit. It doesn’t feel burnt as such, but it wasn’t sore prior to soaking up the rays; it only became sore afterward. I don’t know how I’ve managed to achieve this.

Our Nearest Neighbour

Invisible to the naked eye, and sitting just over four light years from the Sun, sits a small, comparatively cool and seemingly insignificant star. Except this type of star is by far the most common in the galaxy and most likely the universe. More importantly, Proxima Centauri might yet host the most important find of… Read more

The 2016 Belgian Grand Prix

It’s been a few weeks since the events of Hockenheim, and the F1 drivers have had their break, and now it’s time to get back down the serious business of racing fast cars. Formula 1 returns, and heads for one of its most iconic venues. Spa-Francorchamps is a fearsome circuit. At one point (prior to… Read more