Month: May 2015

Fairwell Steven Gerrard

Yesterday Liverpool FC legend Steven Gerrard played in his last home game for Liverpool. His contribution to the club over the course of his career has been immense, and it saddens me that he did not get the Premier League winner’s medal he so sorely deserves. Loyal to the end, despite having the chance to… Read more

Ayrton Senna

For reasons unknown to me, my Ayrton Senna page on my site has been getting a steady flow of visitors over the past few weeks. This is quite pleasing – naturally I want traffic – but I’m at a loss to understand why. I haven’t been promoting that page more than any other – so… Read more

Film Reviews: Star Trek (2009)

My first film review is a film that proved to be quite divisive within the Trekkie fan base. Star Trek was the film that ‘rebooted’ the franchise, several years after Enterprise went off the air. The film takes the franchise back to its roots. The original characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and co were recast… Read more

Book Reviews: Field of Dishonor

We’re skipping a few Honour Harrington books here to review book four in the series, Field of Dishonor. I should mention, I’m not skipping The Honour of the Queen or The Short Victorious War because I don’t like those books, but for me, Field of Dishonor is quite an important book and provides us with… Read more

Apples vs… Androids

Having reviewed my phone (the venerable Samsung Galaxy S4), I thought I would weigh in with my thoughts on the Apple vs Android debate. It can be a thorny one at times (brand loyalty can be a big thing to some people), but nevertheless I wanted to have my say. The contenders: Apple One of… Read more

Product Review: The Samsung Galaxy S4

As part of my ongoing review series, today I turn my attention toward a device that none of us can do without these days – the mobile phone. Mobile phones are a terrific measure of technological progress. My first phone, the Siemens C35i, had a black and white display, a small screen and physical buttons…. Read more

Future Site Updates

The main site has stuttered a little bit in recent weeks. Various work-related issues have conspired to keep me from developing the site in the way I would have liked. However, the next stage of my trains section is underway, and I’m considering porting some stuff over from my old Wix site. I’m also thinking… Read more

Red Bull to Quit F1?

It would seem that, in the wake of yet another disappointing race, Red Bull are planning to leave Formula 1 (despite being contracted until 2020), a result of their ongoing unhappiness with the current regulations and reliability problems with their Renault engines. We are only five races into the 2015 season, yet Daniel Ricciardo has… Read more

The 2015 Spanish GP Report

The dust is settled on the Spanish Grand Prix and for the first time this season, Nico Rosberg has been victorious! Ultimately his victory was sealed at the very start of the race, when he got away well, whilst Lewis Hamilton span his wheels too hard and fell behind Sebastian Vettel, proceeding to be stuck… Read more

The 2015 Spanish Grand Prix Preview

After a few weeks without any F1 (I like to refer to these weeks as ‘the dark times’) it’s back! Barcelona, Spain, is the place, and I dare say this is one of my favourite tracks on F1 games. It’s a circuit noted for being hard to overtake on, thanks to a number of winding… Read more