Writing Prompts: You are given three wishes, but there’s a catch: one of them won’t come true for the rest of your life, and you don’t get to pick which one it is. What do you wish for?

I dare say I’d ‘hack’ this one. I’d use each wish to wish for the same thing: omnipotence.

Since the wish is guaranteed to come true twice, it ensures I become all-powerful. Once omnipotent, I can make myself omnipresent too. Indeed, I’d be able to do absolutely anything I wanted. The third wish would cease to be relevant. With my new powers, I’d free the genie (or whatever being granted me my wishes), so that no one could somehow wish my powers away, or become a rival.

What to do with my powers becomes something of a quandary. It is impossible to comprehend the scope of such abilities. Imagine being able to reshape all of space and time, at any and every scale. From atoms to stars, everything would be your plaything, at any time, and place, in the universe. That’s a pretty dangerous power, and there’s no telling how it might affect one’s psyche.

Suddenly, you have the power to cast judgement upon the actions of everyone, throughout human history. Indeed, you can rewrite human history. You can prevent the Holocaust (and WWII) from ever happening. You could stop every war, every disease, every disaster. You could turn earth into a paradise for everyone, but therein lies a grave problem, for everyone’s idea of paradise will differ. Aside from ensuring everyone can lead long lives, free from war and disaster, what do you do?

I guess I’ve veered off a bit here, for the basic query was only about what I’d wish for. Still, I hope I’ve provided some food for thought!

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