Writing Prompts: Yacht

Ah, to enjoy the summer sun.

We are in the penultimate month of the year, so I turned to the dictionary, and to the letter Y, which of course the penultimate letter in the dictionary. As today is the 13th of November, I turned to the 13th word under Y. That word is yacht.

How to spin a post out of yachts? I don’t know much about them, and have never sailed on one. I am not an especially big fan of riding boats, though if I were offered a luxury cruise, I would not say no! A yacht is a much smaller craft, certainly not suited to the open sea, though in fairness I suppose it depends on how you define a yacht. My mind turns to a small vessel equipped with sails. The reality is that some yachts, especially those belonging to some of the richest people on earth, are huge things of incredible decadence and comfort. I’d argue these are more like small cruise ships than yachts, but I am not a nautical expert, so I’d have to defer to the definitions of the pros.

white and blue yacht on body of water
Photo by Diego F. Parra on Pexels.com. Something that this probably couldn’t handle the ocean, but it could probably handle many a sea crossing.

The more I consider it, the more I have to reassess my opening paragraph. A yacht can clearly be of many different sizes, and be powered by various methods. What I previously conjured up in my head is certainly one type of yacht, suited for bobbling around at a harbour, but there are behemoths out there, effectively floating palaces, and everything in-between. Whether I get to sail on any form of yacht? That remains to be seen.

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