Writing Prompts: Write about the idea of self-care and what it means to you

This is an interesting one. In effect, what do I do to unwind, relax, and detox? My free time is quite valuable to me. I work five days a week, and in particularly busy periods, or because of holiday/sickness, I might end up having to do more hours. Whilst work is not always super busy, there are always things to do, which occupy time, and involve physical labour. Therefore, on a day off, I want to chill out. I don’t want to be busy, or having to run around here there and everywhere. I will undertake activities if needed, but I despise bitty, in-and-out days, where I cannot, for whatever reason, settle.

I find solace in working on this website, or writing my stories, or playing video games. I enjoy reading. I might, if the weather is pleasant, suggest we nip to town for lunch, rather than sit indoors. I don’t mind venturing out if it’s on my terms.

Because of the nature of my work, I am usually off on weekdays, rather than weekends. This creates both benefits and drawbacks. The benefit is that the house is quite peaceful. The drawback is that sometimes the house is too quiet. I like a bit of alone time (I think we all do), but an entire day is a bit much. On days off during the week, I’ll often collect my daughter from school, which will occupy a bit of time. In the event of a Saturday or Sunday off, the alarm gets turned off, and we might just all laze around, with the occasional trip somewhere (the other Sunday, we went bowling, and then went to a local Italian restaurant).

Overall though, I prefer to spend my free time doing what I want to do. That may mean doing nothing. I know I can’t always do everything I want, but it’s nice to have the opportunity. I don’t like being harried and pestered. I can’t stand it if I literally just sit down, only to be asked/told to go do something. That really bugs me.

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