Writing Prompts: When was a specific moment where you felt a “divine presence” in your life?

Now, this one relates to a couple of dreams I’ve had, but I don’t know if I can say they represent a divine presence. I’ll leave that for you, the reader, to decide.

The first dream came a few months after someone I knew (I’d helped him set up a printer and computer, and he kept calling upon me as a personal form of tech support. I didn’t mind, as he was a nice guy) died. He was an old guy, but his death was a bolt from the blue, and I was quite sad. I got the call one Friday morning, before heading into work (for a day that ended with thieves knocking me to the ground to get by me, whilst they stole tablet devices. It was a shit day). The dream involved his wife, and she wanted me to let his spirit flow into me, so she could dance with him one more time. From what I vaguely remember, we might have been in my Nan and Grandad’s home, though the details are blurry.

I agreed, and his wife got to have one last dance with him, but his spirit could not stay for long. As I felt him start to leave, his wife asked about the importance of a number (it might have even been 42), and I couldn’t tell her. She was heartbroken, and left the room, and I felt heartbroken as I called out after her. I woke up, breathless from emotion, nearly in tears, such was the intensity of the dream.

The other dream took on a more apocalyptic setting, though not at first, and I recall even less of this one. What I remember is going to a Church in London, I think near Victoria station, and looking at (or maybe opening up) some kind of chest or box, that no one was really meant to look inside, but I did. There was something glowing in it, something impossibly bright, and painful to look at, that might have been meant to represent the face of God. Once I’d looked, and gone outside, it was a scene from a disaster movie. London was in chaos, with fires and accidents and all kinds of mayhem erupting everywhere.

These aren’t divine experiences, but both dreams felt powerful. I don’t know what prompted either one. I have put them down to being just dreams, however, I cannot discount the possibility of something more.

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