Writing Prompts: What mythical creature do you wish were real?

There are two mythical creatures that I’d like to see real, though one in particular is quite dangerous (at least, in the vast majority of portrayals, it’s dangerous).

So, the pic is of Death from the latest Puss in Boots film, but to me, the pic makes for a great representation of the werewolf. They are unquestionably ferocious and deadly, but they are also powerful, and should one be on your side, they would make for a formidable display of strength. Of course, as an ally, they are very limited on when they’re useful, thanks to the whole ‘Full Moon’ business. That rather narrow window of usefulness isn’t all that great, and let’s face it, most of the time, werewolves are portrayed as uncontrolled, feral beasts. I just think they’re cool!

The TV series Gargoyles was one of my favourite cartoon shows of the 90s, and it is easily among the most sophisticated stuff Disney have ever produced, especially given the time it was made. Nuanced story-telling, complicated characters, and long-running story arcs woven into stand-alone tales made for a ‘kids show’ that was far ahead of its time. The show did not last long (Disney have a habit of killing off good shows too soon), but it set the standard for so many new shows.

Real-life gargoyles would make for an intriguing scenario. If they operated as protectors, then they’d be perfect for hiring as say, security guards for night duties. If they were less friendly, then at the very least, they might keep criminals off the streets (along with everyone else!) in the evenings. As friends to humans (which given human nature, would be highly unlikely) gargoyles might end up working say, night-retail, as part of a thriving nocturnal society, mirroring our own daylight activities.

Anyway, that’s my two cents for the mythical creatures prompt!

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