Writing Prompts: What Happened That Day in History

What happened on the 21st of January? Well, throughout history, a lot has happened. In 1911, the first ever Monte Carlo Rally took place (not to be confused with the F1 Grand Prix by the way). In 1951, Mount Lamington (previously not known to be a volcano) erupted, killing nearly three thousand people in Papua New Guinea. USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, was launched on this day in 1954.

There’s much to have happened on any given day in history. What might seem like a dull date will hide so many things, if we are prepared to peel back the layers. I don’t have the means to go through everything that happened on this date, so I would say to you, look up the 21st of January, and see what you find to be the most compelling element.

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