Writing Prompts: What are you looking forward to this summer?

Taken from The Sits Girls (and full confession, the prompt is for the 8th of June, and it’s published on the 8th of June, but written on the 17th of May), let’s answer the question of ‘what am I looking forward to this summer?’

Well, for one, I am looking forward to an upturn in the weather. As of writing this, the weather has been quite grey for the most part, and there hasn’t been nearly enough proper, decent sunshine. Spring has threatened to, um, spring, but it has not well-and-truly done so, and that’s quite annoying. I think as a nation we deserve some relief from the various sources of misery and stress we’re dealing with, and the weather could cooperate with us on that front, just a little bit more. It’s my hope that summer brings, well, summer! Sun, heat, etc. I want the opportunity to sit in the garden with my shirt off, sipping a cold beer.

Summer brings with it a general uptick in everyone’s mood, and it can be lively, and summer is also when families plan a lot of events. There is a family get-together for an uncle’s 70th in July, and a family wedding in August, so they are naturally events to look forward to, and if the weather is warm, if there is a chance of a lazy, nostalgic drink outdoors. At the birthday bash, I will have the chance to see a cousin who I haven’t seen for years, and I absolutely cannot wait.

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