Writing Prompts: Toothpaste

Toothpaste. We’re all hopefully familiar with the stuff. I had a thought about it the other day, and I recalled The Toothpaste Talk too, so I figured, why not develop this into a post?

As a kid, toothpaste had one ‘flavour’, and maybe a few variations on that flavour, but toothpaste was, as a rule, minty. The aim was for a ‘freshness’ to the experience, and to combat bad breath too. Minty smells are generally thought of as being quite pleasant, and somewhere along the line, they became the de facto flavour of virtually all toothpastes, or certainly all toothpastes that I personally encountered.

Flash forward a few decades, and now there are numerous flavours of toothpaste! This is quite handy for me and mine, because my daughter’s sensory issues preclude her from using minty toothpaste, at least without it making her feel nearly sick. The likes of peach iced tea flavour, watermelon flavour, and mango sorbet flavour, are among the unique flavours that personally, do not sound appealing (I guess I’m conditioned for traditional, minty toothpaste), but they open up options, and tap into a previously unexplored market. A testament to human ingenuity!

It makes you wonder what people will think of next!

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