Writing Prompts: Theocratic Democracy?

Can there ever be a form of representative government that leans heavily upon one interpretation of one faith to form laws and rules that are fair and just for everyone?

There are several issues to address here. If we run with Christianity, what version of it? Speak to the devotees of the Catholic Church, and they will tell you the only true path to salvation, and therefore the best influence upon government, will be through them. Orthodox Christians and Protestant Christians will tell you exactly the same thing, as would the followers of the various offshoots. Who decides which of these denominations is the right one, and assuming a consensus can be reached, what then?

Would Catholics govern non-Catholics fairly? Would Christians in government use their Christian principles and ideals to govern fairly towards Muslims, Jews and atheists?

What would be the approach towards the LGBT community? What of women’s rights, or the treatment of ethnic minorities?

What exactly is ‘the right discipline’? What does it mean for romantic relationships to be carried out in a ‘more responsible and caring way’? One of the popular complaints I hear from right-wingers is that the government interferes too much, yet we have some advocate for government interference in how parents raise their kids, and advocate for interfering in how people handle their personal romantic relationships.

What exactly would any of this mean? How do you enforce any of this? This is all incredibly vague and wishy-washy.

Will people have the choice to live their lives free from religious interference if government is largely filled with devout Christians? What happens to the LGBT community? In the UK, 73% of people support same-sex marriage, would that be respected if Parliament was suddenly filled with MPs operating according to their faith? Is that fair or just governance? In the USA, some 71% of people surveyed support same-sex marriage. Would their views be respected by the GOP?

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