Writing Prompts: The German Trips, P2

Back in December 2009, my then-pregnant wife and I, along with my parents, brother and his future wife, and some family friends, spent a few days in the beautiful city of Berlin.

What with it being the Christmas season, Berlin was filled with markets, offering all kinds of festive trinkets, and also something that I availed myself of a fair bit: gluhwein. Gluhwein is mulled wine, and it is absolutely wonderful stuff! This hot, spiced wine certainly kept me warm, for Berlin was bitterly cold. My poor wife, being pregnant, couldn’t have a drop! Among the alcohol highlights, there was also hot beer, though I can’t recall if I tried that.

A double-decker train!

One of the things we saw was Berlin Zoo. This world-famous zoo saw us see meerkats (because of course!), pandas, lions, reindeer, and Knut the polar bear. We happened to witness him getting a birthday treat, a lucky occasion, in more ways than one (tragically, Knut had a fit a short time later, and passed away).

You’ll have to forgive the picture quality; 2009 cameras and all that.

Berlin was full of scenery, and some of it was very poignant. Like a number of European cities, Berlin bears the scars of World War II, but it also carries the wounds of the Cold War. The Berlin Wall once cut the city in half, dividing families for decades. The weight of all that can be felt.

Berlin must also be noted for a rather unusual chocolate shop. Imagine recreating famous landmarks, but in chocolate form:

Finally, I have to draw attention to the Christmas decorations. They were spectacular:

Berlin is a city I’d love to see again. I’d love to see Berlin at Christmas again, notwithstanding the cold. If we do ever go again, maybe my wife can enjoy some gluhwein!

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