Writing Prompts: The Best Movies I’ve Never Seen

Inspired by this series from Peckapalooza, I thought I’d consider the movies I’m told are superb, but that have never interested me. Some of you may be shocked, even horrified, by the list! I don’t tend to put too much stock in the idea of ‘greatest’ anything, because it’s entirely subjective, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate how some of the movies on this list are regarded as classics. Even so, I cannot bring myself to feel enthusiastic about seeing them.

  • Donnie Darko

I know people who rate this rather surreal, horror/sci-fi story, which features an impressive cast. Released in 2001, it failed at the cinema, only to develop a cult following later on. Among the characters there’s a mysterious figure in a rabbit costume, who prophecies the end of the world. It’s never be of interest to me.

  • The Godfather Films

I’ve never been enamoured with gangster films. The Godfather Trilogy is arguably the template for good gangster movies, exploring the murky and violent world of the Mafia. I don’t doubt that the movies are good at examining this realm, but they don’t intrigue me.

  • The Silence of the Lambs

Yes, I know, it’s an absolute diamond of a film, but even Anthony Hopkins as the terrifying Hannibal Lecter cannot sway me towards feeling fussed about watching this. I confess that I might have seen it, a very long time ago, though I hold no memory of it. I did watch the sequel, Hannibal, which did nothing for me.

  • Se7en

Apparently this is a great murder mystery, race-to-catch-the-killer thriller, with a terrific twist. It is also the sort of film that will always fly under my radar, for it’s not a genre I am remotely interested in.

  • Jaws

How can I possibly have not seen Jaws?! It’s regarded as a quintessential classic, a masterpiece of film-making, and a film with a lot more going for it than simply ‘big dangerous fish’. What can I say, I’ve never been moved to watch it.

There are many more films that are treated as tremendous that this meerkat has not seen. This list could expand to a frightening length if I ran through them all. I have not seen, and am not bothered by seeing, The Thing, Predator, La La Land, Get Out, or Interstellar. I could add to that list very, very easily. I will however grant an honourable mention to a film that, after a fair bit of badgering, I watched, and was not especially impressed by: Blade Runner. Loads of people told me it was brilliant, and a true sci-fi epic, but honestly, after seeing it, I could only say that it was alright.

Judge me if you wish, but that’s part of my list of the greats I have not seen, and do not care to see.

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