Writing Prompts: Telekinesis

Telekinesis is a power I think a lot of us would like to have. Basically, imagine being able to move objects with your mind. Imagine that with a Jedi-esque wave of the way, you could bring your TV remote to your hand, instead of having to get up and get it. Imagine being able to levitate the sofa whilst looking for something underneath it.

Beyond these relative mundane applications, if you happened to be powerful in the art of telekinesis, the usefulness of the skill goes up. For me at work, hoisting heavy boxes of tiles or toilet pans around would become a cinch. Clever uses of the power would involve levitating myself, and effectively flying from A to B, a huge time saver! Overt demonstrations of this ability would probably attract military attention too, for being able to hurl enemy tanks or planes around (perhaps even a ship) would be a hugely valuable skill.

Still, I’d probably settle for being able to levitate my sofa!

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