Writing Prompts: Suggest Other Blogs to Follow

I will make an apology at the start of this post. There are many blogs I follow, that I enjoy reading, and I couldn’t possibly showcase them all. I am also a forgetful sod, so it may be that in the heat of the moment, I have overlooked someone I fully intended to brag about. In no particular order…

Filosofa’s Word

Do you need cheering up on a dreary Monday? Keep an eye out for updates from Jill Dennison, of Filosofa’s Word. Her posts are always entertaining! They can also be hard-hitting, for Jill is not afraid to discuss the pertinent issues of the day, and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She also shares pictures of bacon, which is a big plus in my book!

Lolsys Library

Lolsys is decidedly pro-trans rights, and unafraid to say so. She pushes back against anti-trans bigotry wherever she finds it, and when she isn’t doing that, Lolsys is offering up her personal thoughts and experiences on her blog!

The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser

Bruce is a former pastor who left Christianity several years ago, and he unashamedly tells his story on his blog. His experiences with the sharp end of fundamentalism have earned him a number of fundie enemies, who lash out in fear of what he has to say. That doesn’t stop Bruce, who is one of the bravest people I know, from telling his story, in the way he wants.

The Captain’s Speech

If you are ever in need of creative and witty blog ideas/challenges, look no further than Paul of The Captain’s Speech! Paul will also regal you with stories from the NFL, and will always entertain in the process!

The Bookmark Chronicles

This is an excellent YouTube channel, run by Rae, who reviews books! I love her style! In particular, her drunk book reviews are brilliant! She is forthright, funny, and sharp as a… sharp thing.

The Duck of Indeed

The Duck reviews games, and produces artwork, based on those games. Her reviews are great, and her artwork is beautiful. She also recounts some spectacularly weird dreams!

Arthyr’s Home on the web

Arthyr is not afraid to provide his social and political opinions, often in the form of scathing takedowns of radicalised far-right zealots. This is wonderfully entertaining, and worth a watch!

I could list more sites, but there are so many, and I cannot list them all. I might revisit this list, but for now, these are the sites I will direct you to 🙂

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