Writing Prompts: Set Ground Rules for a Debate to be Hosted In the Comments

Hmm. What can I set up for my ‘kat followers to sink their teeth into? Pineapple on pizza? Metric or imperial? Lager or ale? Is it called football or soccer?

The tricky part is in setting up any form of debate that isn’t opinion-based. If I were to suggest ‘Star Trek vs Star Wars’, well, we will have differing views on the quality of the various material, and there’s a lot of material to compare. Likewise with Marvel vs DC.

Instead (and I realise I might turn a lot of people off with this one), how about Iron Man (circa his Marvel Cinematic Universe exploits up-to-and-including Age of Ultron) versus the T-X from Terminator 3? I’m going with the T-X, because it has ranged weapons, and some advanced toys, unlike the T-800, which is pretty-much going to get blasted at range by Tony.

So, can Stark’s suit resist the tech-hacking powers of the T-X? Can his weapons deal out damage to that powerful combat chassis? Who wins in this particular fight? I will keep an eye to see what (if any) comments I get, and if there is indeed robust participation, the source materials here are the movies, and only the movies, just so we are clear. Enjoy!

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